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Wireless Security Camera System

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  • Easy setup wireless means camera and NVR is a wireless connection, camera (No battery ) and NVR still need work with power cable. The wireless video security system is easy to set up and DIY installation (need DC 12V plug power supply), these WIFI cameras are paired with NVR at the manufacturing site. Connect PC/TV monitor to NVR by a VGA/HDMI cable. Support connect to router by 2.4Ghz WIFI network or router by Ethernet cable. Finally, power on and serve yourself with 24/7 surveillance, true plug, and play.
  • H.265+ VIDEO COMPRESSIONCompared with H.264, H.265+ can double data compression ratio, while improving video quality with low bit-rate, It enables IP camera to deliver smooth HD video with low bandwidth, in turn, reducing the Network bandwidth and saving up to 50% video storage space. 1Tb hard drive pre-installed support 24 hours more than 30 days reliable video recording.
  • Remotely Anytime & Anywhere and No Monthly FeeHiseeu wireless security camera system can work without a network. Internet Is only necessary when remote access from a mobile device. It allows you to view the live video remotely anytime and anywhere by phone and Pad(Available for Android & IOS system). 
  • Stunning 2K Ultra-HD video, one Way Audio 3.0MP presents 2304*1296 Mega Pixels about 1.5 times clearer than 1080P. Camera with 3 array Infrared LED allows you to see up to 65ft night vision even in darkness. Employing IP66 Waterproof metal material housing, cameras can be used indoors and outdoor. The outdoor security camera system also allows you to see and listen to people on your property remotely.
  • AI Human Detection Reduces false alarms -- Compared with the traditional motion detection alert, the Hiseeu 3MP camera adopt more advanced AI human detection technology in 2021. Advanced AI technology for home security camera systems distinguishes humans from animals or objects within the monitoring range reducing false alarms. When an intruder enters the monitoring range, the screen will display the human frame will be triggered.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Selina Yu
best affordable wireless secruity camera system

I have own the system for about 3 months but only added cameras one by one, so far I really like it and want to list some of pros and several places this product could improveThe one I bought was priced at $209 with 4-720P cameras. I have compared a lot of similar NVR system and eventually picked this one. My selection criteria were simple1. I want to have NVR with HDD which I can store all videos locally but still gives me a way to access remotely2. I want to have wireless cameras so I can reduce some hassles in wiring but I don't want those popular battery-powered cameras, just too lazy to replace batteries3. need some good resolutions, at least 720P with good night vision and motion detection and also weather proofyou can definitely find some more expensive US made products but all products you can find within 200-300 dollars are pretty much made in China / Shenzhen, which is not an issue at all for me as long as it has good customer services, i.e., US support line which I can reach out to and fast responding emails, which I see Hiseeu all have. Btw, other brands like oossxx, smonet etc also look decent but I finally picked hiseeu because its website shows more info compared with others.Anyway, for the productsthe cameras are really good, nicely built, you have a quality feeling when you touch them. The pictures are clear and night vision pretty good. Motion detection has 1-2 sec delay before I receive notification to my mobile app but the clip anyway covers around 10sec before the motion so you shouldn't loose any footage.All cameras are already paired with the NVR so they will work out of box once you power them up. Very decent.I really like their customer service. I noticed that the power cord to the NVR itself is quite short then I wrote an email to them in the afternoon and got reply before I touched my bed that they would send a longer extension to me. Some times later while I checked and found the same product link shows the system has equipped with 4 1080P cameras with just 10 bucks more, so I wrote again to their customer service ask for an upgrade and said I am willing to pay the difference. To my surprise, they told me that they have started to ship 1080p cameras to all orders around May before they upgraded the weblink and they didn't need customer to pay extra. I checked my cameras and they are indeed 1080p cameras instead of 720p cameras that I bought, which was an amazing evidence showing how they treat their US customers seriously.Alright, some areas they could improve1. the NVR box build was not look that good like cameras, especially the mice looks really cheap2. the configuration menus / user interfaces could be modernized a bit more and made it more easy to navigate3. it would be good to have couple of spare screw anchors and screws in case you want to move your cameras to a different place, which can save a trip to hardware stores.Overall, I highly recommend this product

Perfect cameras and service

I purchased this cameras 4 months ago and very happy with them. I replaced Ring doorbell as it didn't capture any visitor, it was always starting to record after everyone has left my porch already. So, to replace that thing I made some research and found these cameras with hub and 1TB HDD. It works without any issues. The picture is great doesn't matter day or night, the setup was fast and easy - you just plug your cameras and they are immediately connected to the hub. I placed them outside surrounding the house and they work just perfect. This cameras have an mobile application and I can check what's going on around the house anytime I want it. It also sends notification if a motion is detected by any of 4 cameras.Customer service is flawless. I had some issue with HDD, called on the phone number provided and after some troubleshooting I was offered a new HDD to replace the failed one which was received in just 3 days after the call. It was very easy to replace and setup the new one.Overall, great security solution and quality. I recommend it to my friends and family.

Laurel Graham
Pretty darn good

The media could not be loaded. I was a little skeptical at first but my friend recommended this camera set after he set it up for his girlfriend. Once I got it, it was so simple to set up. I spent more time planning out where exactly I wanted the cameras then it did to set them up. One I got them mounted and power ran to them, it was already on and connected. The only issue I have had is the app stopped working. So I read the manual and it said to email the company. In just a couple hours I already had a response and the reason the app on my phone stopped working is cause I had the old app downloaded. He told me to download the new app. As soon as I did and logged on, I was back in business. The new app is faster and more functional than the old one. The NVR is pretty impressive. I’ve really enjoyed having it and feel better being able to check my house when I need to.

Jesse M.Jesse M.
Great value and excellent customer service

This is a really great system at an affordable price. I had a little hiccup but customer service was one of the best I have ever dealt with. I would definitely reccomend this for anyone needing security. The instructions are extremely easy, just read and follow and you'll be up and running in no time.

Excellent System

This is an excellent system that performs exactly as advertised. In fact the system itself worked perfectly right out of the box, even though I had educate myself about how to function within it. Everything I learned it was already doing. My biggest effort was mounting the cameras. Predrilling holes, getting the screws in properly, aligning the aim and angles, an dressing up the wiring. The wireless cameras are clear and the wireless transmission in my 100 year old brick beast of a home is better than expected.The IP PRO app is quite good to view remotely. It is not so good managing playback but does do it, just not as smoothly as the direct connected monitor.I recommend this system very highly.