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RTS Smartphone and Tablet Interface

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  • QUICK AND EASY SETUP - First, plug in the Somfy myLink device to any standard wall outlet, making sure to place it near the motorized window treatments you plan to control. Then, download the app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play. Open the myLink app and press "Start new system." Follow the simple on-screen setup prompts to connect your myLink device to your WiFi network and take control of your motorized blinds and shades by setting custom channel preferences.
  • CONTROL UP TO 16 CHANNELS FROM ANYWHERE - With Somfy myLink, you can control up to 16 individual motorized solutions or 16 groups of motorized solutions using just ONE myLink device. Create custom schedules and scenes for just one zone or your entire house, using the same app for all Somfy powered smart blinds, shades, and other motorized window treatments. (myLink range is approximately 25-35 feet. Somfy generally recommends one myLink device per room in your home.
  • STAY HEALTHY AND SAFE - Somfy myLink makes it easier to help reset your Circadian rhythms by creating schedules to open your motorized blinds and shades in the morning. Wake up naturally to sunshine and your daily dose of Vitamin D! As you move through your day and start squinting from the sun glare on your computer screen, use the myLink app to adjust your motorized window treatments for less glare, less eye strain, and a more productive workday.
  • YOUR SMART HOME, YOUR WAY - With myLink, there are endless options for customizing the light in your home. Use Somfy's exclusive "my" setting to program a favorite position for the angle and degree of openness for each motorized shade, blind, or drapery. Use myLinks Scenes feature to control multiple motorized products with a single tap. Then, use the Schedules feature to automate those scenes based on time of day, day of the week, or even sunrise and sunset.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
seth shapiro
Works well and with Alexa

Set up was really easy. Connected with a RTS remote control for a retractable patio screen that we’ve had for 13 years. Integrated with Alexa right away. Admittedly the voice commands are a little strangeMe: “Alexa tell MyLink to raise the screenA: “ you want to move everything up?”Me: “yes”A: okSo I’d say maybe tighten that aspect up a bit but if you like smart home stuff, this works great.

Torsten E. Maehle
Annoying setup but now I don't want to miss it anymore!

I love to sleep in a pitch dark room with my Somfy motorized blackouts and be woken up by sun and daylight.This device works well with your phone once you successfully complete the setup (it took me more than 5 attempts on two different phones).It works well and the only downside is, when you have a scene scheduled like opening the shades MON-FRI at 7:20AM, it'll only work if your phone remains connected to WiFi / it won't open while the phone is in flight mode = the device doesn't have any memory and is a simple (and expensive) transmitter. But well...I'd buy it again.

easy set up

This was easy to set up to use with our motorized blinds and outdoor screens. It works great with the I-phone and the price was 50% less on than the blind company wanted for the exact same product.

Works exactly as expected

Easy to setup. It took a couple of extra minutes to get the Somfy WiFi setup to connect, but playing with the settings did the trick. In less than 10 minutes, MyLink was up and running and controlling my awning.

K. Moghadam
Works as described. Easy set up

I bought this for Alexa integration. I read some reviews that said it will not integrate with Alexa, but that's not true. It took about 15 minutes to set up three shades in my house and they are all able to connect with Alexa now. The only thing that's minorly annoying about that Alexa skill is that you have to give a full command "Alexa, ask my link to raise living room shade". The mylink app works as well but I don't think I will use that as long as Alexa is working