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Solar Power Bank

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  • 36800mAh Solar Charger: High Capacity Solar Power Bank with 36800mAh large capacity, built-in lightning cable, micro cable, and type C cable, total three cables for all mobile phones directly. This cable-free portable charger power bank with wireless output supports, you do not need to take a charging cable.
  • 6 Outputs & Wireless Charging: The portable charger power bank equips with Micro USB & Type C input ports and 5V/3A USB Quick charge & Type C Output ports. It also has a wireless charger that supports charging 6 devices simultaneously, and a quick charge port provides fast power support for your devices.
  • Dual Multifunctional Flashlight: Built-in 1.8W flashlight spotlights, with Strong-SOS-Flash modes, lead you through darkness and emergencies as a lifesaver. 3 lighting modes: Strong light/Strobe/SOS, are awesome for outside activities such as camping, hiking, and traveling.
  • Durable & Sturdy Design: The solar battery charger is made of premium ABS and PC Silicone material, equipped with a solar panel which is a handy tool for camping, cycling, fishing, traveling, hiking, and beaches. IP66 Waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof is suitable for various harsh environments.
  • Warm Tips: Please kindly know that solar charging is an additional feature. Due to the small panel size, large capacity, and uncontrollable sunlight intensity into consideration, the solar charging option works as a backup solution when other sources of power are unavailable. Make sure the power bank is fully charged before your trips.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Heavy, but seems solid and works well

We bought this to keep on the boat since our cell phones seem to die if we're out for a while (or if any of us forget to charge them up before we go). haven't used the solar part to recharge the device yet - which was one of the main reasons we bought it - but it also does charge up by plugging it in. Charging cord for the unit is included, just not the adapter which is fine with us, there's also some lying around. Really like the fact that the cell phone cords are ATTACHED (see pic) to the charger and that there are 3 different types plus a wireless charging pad since we have both iPhones and Samsungs in the family. This way, they can't misplaced and you can always charge up your phone. It's heavier and chunkier than expected. It won't easily fit in your pocket to carry around. can't say anything about how long it takes to charge the phone, but did test it out and it works. Also unsure of how long the unit will stay powered, but for our needs, we don't need days. Feel like it will do a few hours and that's our minimum. Oh - It's also a flashlight which is easy to use by cycling through the power button for three different modes. Overall, good buy.


I literally just opened the box so I don't have any experience yet. But the warranty and free gift are super cool. And based on reviews I expect it will be awesome.Update: I've used it a few times now and it's seems to work as expected and really easy too.Update 2: I use this daily. Every night I plug two phones into it and plug it into the wall charger. That way everything is charged b morning and I only need one for outlet. Then it's ready to go when I need it during the day. ­­­­­

A must for every household

I purchased this when the Pacific Northwest had an historic ice storm that caused (historic) power outages for a week plus. We got tired of going into the car to charge up the devices, so this charger was a life changer to stay in touch with friends & family. After researching these types of chargers, this was hands down the best quality for the money. Easy to use, and the absolute BEST feature, that I didn't see with other chargers, is the USB cords (3 different sizes) are built right into this device so no hassle looking for the cords....great feature for sure!! And the flashlight function is bright, especially when you have no electricity. Our household prides itself with our emergency kits/containers, but we failed to have this charger in the mix. Even if you have power, you can use it to charge your phone outside while you're doing yardwork, or having a barbecue, etc. Thank you Licorne!

Solar panel panel alone won't charge up need cord

Product is durable but solarPanel was a bit of a let down you need the charging cord to be able to charge it fully otherwise not a bad product

Very nice solar-capable power bank!

I've been using this for several days now and it lasts a loooong time with my iPhone 12 Pro Max. I am planning on incorporating it into a 3D printed Hi-Fi bluetooth speaker project.I love that this thing comes with the cables. I don't want to have to keep track of cables and it super convenient to have them built in. Wireless charging is super nice as well.As far as build quality, this thing is solid. I was worried about how tough the solar panel would be and if it would get damaged in a backpack, but the solar panel feels very tough and scratch resistant.To be honest, they really thought of everything when they designed this. I am happy with this purchase.