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Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Navigation Skills Reigned Supreme - With the new generation of dynamic navigation by Thamtu, the robot vacuum cleaner excels at making its way through a cramped and cluttered home, boldly cleaning where other robots fear to tread.
  • Smarter Not Harder - The perfect hands-off cleaning partner cleans effectively and hassle-free without constant babysitting with snags and jams, while always finding its way back once finished or out of power.
  • Voice Prompt - Guide you with intelligent voice alerts instead of just "Beeps" when problems occur for a better user experience.
  • Make Cleaning a Breeze - Crumbs and pet hair will never get a chance to pile up with 3 cleaning modes, a superior suction of 2500 Pa, and a 150-min ultra-long runtime, delivering a fantastic performance.
  • Total Control at Fingertips - Thamtu robot vacuum allows you to direct it remotely, via APP, and integrate it into your existing smart home system, like Alexa, Google Assistant, making it easy to start a cleaning session whenever you want, wherever you are.
  • Auto-Boost Technology - The suction power will be auto-increased once detecting carpets for a boost in cleaning power.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Zhue jiang
So nice!i Itsaves me time .

This is my second robot vacuum and it's been about one month since I got it. I love it more than the old one. It's working great and happy with it cleans so much. It's fast and not noisy .

This is a powerful vacuum that saves me time

It picks up more than my other robot vacuum (the other is a smaller generic one). It finds its way home most of the time, except when it gets caught under my cabinets. I would recommend it to others.

Great price, very good product.

Really happy with this product! Work great on a hardwood floor. It's super easy to set it up, super convenience. Robot automatically clean and when It's done with cleaning it will automatically recharge, just need to make sure the recharge station is not to far form it. And not only good for dust but it also pick up long hair, so I guess might be good for family with pets. So far only tried with the vacuum function, can't wait for the mapping function.

Ena M.
It actually works.

Used it only once so far, does a good job.

Zhou C.
Good For Home with Pets

We have a Corgi that sheds a lot. I have used 4 times now. It did a good job at cleaning all the dog hairs and finding the way back to the charging station. We have wood and tile floor in the house and it has no problem cleaning living room, family room, kitchen and dining area all at once. When it runs, it is also quieter than our old Roomba. I haven't tried the remote control or Alexa. But I don't have problem by using the buttons on its back.