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Tone Therapy System

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  • MEDITATION AID | "Enter into a longer, deeper meditation easily."
  • QUICK | 3-minute session. "Just listen and breathe".
  • EASY | Just press ON. Super easy, very relaxing, and refreshing.
  • EFFECTIVE | Best best best invention ever!
  • 5-STAR RATED by verified buyers. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great Product and Customer Service

I have benefitted greatly from using my n.o.w. speakers. For the brief amounts of time invested, the payback is enormous. The calm they have given me is wonderful. When I had an issue with an earlier version of the product, the seller contacted me immediately and sent new speakers. I was also given a very reasonable explanation about what happened with the earlier pair. You will probably get more relief from this system, for the $149 cost, than you could get from two $75 sessions of just about any calming therapy you can name. Many therapies that aid stress reduction are now $150 for a one hour session. So, cost is relative. I highly recommend the n.o.w. speakers well built and made to last. The perfect companions for our stressful times. You won't regret it.

S. E. Anderson
Excellent quality

Expensive.Helps me to focus on the present moment.A lot of times when I wake up at night, I turn them on, focus on the tones and do not hear them go off three minutes later.

The most money I have ever spent on Me! ...

The most money I have ever spent on Me !The N.O.W Tone Therapy system that is a must for those of us who need the Tone of focus and distraction as we attempt to meditate.The N.OW System did the trick for me ! I had a brain tumor removed just over a year ago and the white buzzing noise in my ears keeps me from sitting in the moment with myself . The N.OW. tone that dose not repeat i may add so you never know what your going to get as you sit with them in hand. 3minutes is all it takes to be with yourself and the tone of the N.O.W

Sherry brimmermanSherry brimmerman
Healing therapy

I love the tone therapy system. It is an amazing tool. I use it day and night.

Geoff T.

It is expensive, but if you use it as much as I do it is good value for money. I think the tones are magical. I am prone to depression, and although I control it well these two speakers give me a degree of comfort. If I am having a short break from my daily jobs, I put them on. I sometimes just put them on whilst telling myself to be at peace with myself. I really feel they have enriched my life. I recommend them highly, and have no connection with the manufacturers. Go get €˜em!