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The Brain Sensing Headband

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Muse 2 is a training tool to help you improve your meditation practice. The Muse: Meditation and Sleep app that works in tandem with the headband is available for free with Apple Store and for Google Play Store. Connect your charged Muse 2 headband to your app via Bluetooth, fit it comfortably, and put on your favorite headphones. Select the Mind, Heart, Body, or Breath Meditation experience you wish to be immersed in. Close your eyes and breathe—once the headband calibrates, you’ll hear the soothing sounds responding to the fluctuations of your mind and body. Learn how to tune in and relax your mind and body with the guidings soundscapes that cue you to find your focus. Once complete, you’ll be able to review post-session reporting in the app. Set reminders and goals, level up with challenges, and measure your progress in the Muse app to stay on track with your meditation practice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Favorite Purchase This Year

This is by far my favorite purchase of the year and I already got my brother to buy one as well.I am meditating way more often and because of the gamification I find myself wanting to get better and better

W. B. Weston
Love it!

I use the Muse 1 for meditation and neurofeedback training almost every day. However, I was having problems with the form factor and being able to lay back in my recliner and truly enjoy the meditation and neurofeedback training experience.With the Muse 2 having considerably smaller form factor, which provides a way more comfortable fit than Muse 1, and a better position of the electrode port solves my problem. I am now able to more easily roll up a towel and put it behind my neck and I can recline back and it's awesome... what a great mediation and neurofeedback training experience.

A worthwhile upgrade

I was really on the fence about this, having used Muse 1 for some time, and it still works fine and I really enjoy using it. Sure Muse 2 looks a lot sleeker, and is a little smaller, but I wasn't sure it offered any more value. Eventually, I took the plunge and ordered it, and am so glad I did. The moment you connect it to your Muse app, you instantly unlock 3 new types of meditations and they really do take things to a whole new level. The breath meditation is calming but the heartbeat meditation which syncs with your heart-rate is.. well.. euphoric. I could do this all day. I've had no issues with connection, and It's a really well designed piece of kit. Glad I upgraded.

Great for Beginners

The Muse 2 has been a great addition to my beginner meditation practice. It is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to set up and use. I had a few sensor connectivity issues the first time I used the band, but I realized it was because I wasn't wearing the device correctly. After a few tries, I now have the positioning down and haven't had any other issues. I like that the app sets attainable goals, enjoy seeing the charts after each session, and look forward to seeing my progress over time.

Charles B. Jessee
Working Well Mid-Feb 2019 for All Functions

I bought this mid-Feb 2019 as an upgrade to Muse 1, which I used from mid-2018. Muse 2 updated firmware on first use and has dropped Bluetooth only twice in almost 20 uses. Both times my iPhone was on the floor in front of me rather than on a low table near my right ear. I don't know if the BT Transceiver is on the left or right side - just an idea that positioning might help.I wipe my forehead and ears with a damp cloth before use and it connects in seconds. I see literature that signal issues are frequent and wonder is some diluted electrode gel wiped on forehand and ears might help?