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Indoor Wireless Security Camera 1080P

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  • Motion Detection Alerts -Real-time motion detection alerts when a person or thing passes by the camera. A notification is sent to your smartphone through the app to notify you quickly.
  • 1080P HD Visuals - 1080P HD quality image and video recording day or night. Powerful, crystal clear visuals provide stable and secure video quality. 350 Horizontal & 100 Vertical lens rotation range. Built-in advanced night vision technology allows a 32 ft. viewing range in the dark.
  • Cloud Data Storage - Save ALL of your recorded video data and images using the simple Cloud feature. Never fear losing data from a Micro SD Card, instead, guarantee all your recurring videos are saved and secured on an easy-to-operate Cloud-based service. Or, save your recorded video using a Micro SD Card (sold separately).
  • Just One App - All controls, features, and functions are controlled by the free, downloadable MIPC app (located in the App Store or Google Play Store). Access a video gallery, a two-way speaker, take pictures, and more with an easy to use app. (NOTE: HTTP/RTSP NOT SUPPORTED)
  • Customized Setting - You can change the Motion Detection Sensitivity within the Settings of the MIPC app.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Edwin Berrios
Great camera at a fantastic price

I bought one of these cameras about 4 months ago. I liked it so much that I recently ordered 3 more in order to complete the coverage inside of my house. One of the nicest features is the ability to pan up, down, right and left. You can also zoom in by pinching the image.It is very reliable and they have constantly stayed connected to my network. You can either store the video in the cloud, at a cost, or install a micro SD card which can record up to a few days depending on the quality of the video you choose. This video can be easily accessed from anywhere using your computer, phone or tablet. You can download the selected video to your mobile device also.I would definitely recommend this camera. It has all the features of cameras that are priced a lot higher.Buy it. You won't regret it.


Amazing. Was hooked up within mins thru app too! Great buy will buy againUpdated:I love this camera!! We've had it for just over a month. We've used it plugged in facing our driveway thru our living room window and it was still great pics. Granted the night vision didn't work so great but it was bc of the screen in the window not the camera. During the day I could still watch videos of cars passing on road 50 ft from house and even take snapshots.We moved recently and now have the camera in our living room to keep an eye on our kids (they are teenage boys and hate it). The night vision is awesome and is automatic, I have the motion detection set up so when I scrolling thru videos (taken in half hour intervals) it has a notification on videos where there was motion detected. This camera is by far best things I've gotten from to date (and I do alot of shopping on !). I loved it so much I bought a 2nd one for my daughter to watch my granddaughters when they are playing and she is in another room. We can speak thru our phones to get anyone's attention from anywhere (she uses that for dog when he tries to get on furniture when she leaves lol), we can use or mute the volume to hear what's going on, we can move the camera more than 180 degrees if we need to all at our fingertips. Best camera I've ever had!!

Good Camera for the Price

I have only tried the camera out for the day. But overall I am pleased with it. The picture quality is good. The set up with the app was fairly easy. The camera does not work on 5g yet and there are warnings all over the instructions. My router is a dual band router (2.4g and 5g) and using both bands. After running through the set up the app said the set up failed but I just set it done and came back two minutes later and it was working. So not sure what happened but it does work with a dual band router. Overall seems to work well. The only improvement would be if it would send you a text alert or notification in the app when there was movement. That would make this camera perfect.

Happy Customer

Impressed ! Easy set up. Great value. Exactly what we were looking for and then some. Nice clear picture. The zoom and ability to scan the room with the camera, via the app, is a very nice feature. Through the app, you can adjust the mic and speaker volume, again, nice feature. The clarity of the audio, both ways, is satisfactory, could be improved. The motion detection and alarm works well and can be controlled via the app. Happy with the purchase and excited to see how long they last. The app itself had only 3 stars when I downloaded it, but we haven't had any problems so far.

Purposeful and Personal Security Camera

Been looking around online for a personal and purposeful security camera since I moved into my new studio and I came across this product from Tethys. I needed a security camera to see when the dog walkers come into my house or have a peace of mind when maintenance enters the house for a work order and i'm not at home. First of all, I liked the black slick color and its stable-looking platform in comparison to the silver and white flimsy models that I see on as well. I don't have Alexa but having it work to Alexa must be nice for people go the extra mile.This product stuck out more to me because it offered night vision, which not all cameras have (even though they should). When I look for a security camera, it is basically required to have motion detection for obvious reasons that I need to know when something other than my dog is moving in my house. I mainly use this security camera to watch the dog walkers who come into my house who come twice a week and I may/may not have things I value. I bought this one specifically because its really able to angle the direction towards the door that I want it to without the person noticing too much. I've bought other cameras at this price range and most of them aesthetically don't look as good as this model. This product makes the most of my home security experience and plus it's nice to spy on my little dog from all angles of the house since dog cameras are even more pricy.