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Calorie Counting Cordless Jump Rope

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  • Track Data with a Smart Digital Display- Our innovative weighted jump rope features an integrated digital display in the handles with a smart chip that tracks time spent, calories burned, weight, and laps were taken to optimize every workout.
  • Weighted Handles for Enhanced Workouts - Inside each handle is weighted metal blocks that help you burn more calories and strengthen your hands and wrists when you're spinning the cordless or corded speed rope for intense fitness routines.
  • Dual Workout and Fitness Modes - This jump rope with counter can be used with the cordless or with a full PVC-coated steel wire skipping rope for traditional rope skipping to support regular workouts, bod rope Beachbody, gym exercises, or CrossFit WODs.
  • Simple, Quick-Adjust Rope Length - Each counting jump rope comes with a heavy-duty rope with an adjustable cable that reaches up to 9.8 to support everyone, it's a ropeless jump rope for men, women, and kids of all ages and heights. Perfect for every fitness and skill level.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Customer
Great for workout

This is perfect for workout at home. You can use indoor or outside. Easy to carry with you so you won't miss your workout. It does count your jump so you don't have to worry about it, plus it does comes with battery. Quality of rope is good and you can adjust length as well. Great product!!!

Ask Dr. HoAsk Dr. Ho
Great exercise tool

This is such a fun exercise tool. I can jump rope without worrying about getting my feet caught. Someone could also use this to simulate jump rope without actually jumping. Great for kids and those who want to be more gentle on their knees.

Win Yee
Great for cardio!

I work mostly from home and spend a lot of time at my computer. Most days I do not have time to make myself dinner let alone workout. I bought this and it has helped me get some really intense cardio in with small increments while I am at home working during the days!

Versatile and great for on-the-go or indoor use!

The jump rope is lightweight and comes with a travel pouch. The cordless feature is nice because it makes cardio more convenient when you're on-the-go or indoors and don't want to mess up your hardwood floors. You're able to set your target jumprope time, count, or calorie loss target and it'll keep track of that for you! Super cool! :)

Versatile and functional jump rope

Versatile jump rope. You can decide to use with cord or go cordless. The cord can also be adjusted for any size preference. One of the handles is also electronic and records weight, time, cycle number, and calories burned. Very convenient! A battery replacement is also included in the box. Overall very happy with my purchase