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Ultra Whitening Electric Toothbrush

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  • 40,000 VPM Smart Toothbrush Beauty, brains, and power. It features an ultra-powerful and industry-leading motor producing 40,000 vibrations per minute, lithium-ion battery, ultra-fast wireless charging, 4 mode operation, smart vibration timers, 8 DuPont engineered brush heads, and bristles, and a custom travel case; all with a sleek ultra-slim, lightweight and IPX7 rated waterproof design.
  • Accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA) Council on Scientific Affairs. Investing in premium oral care technologies has earned the Black Series the prestigious ADA seal of approval. It has shown efficacy in removing plaque and helping to prevent and reduce gingivitis.
  • 8 DuPont Brush Heads & Travel Case Included - Every Black Series toothbrush comes with 8 brush heads engineered by world-famous DuPont; a world leader in quality & materials science. Each brush head lasts 4 months so 8 will last for over 2.5 years. Also included is a convenient custom hardshell travel case made of BPA Free plastic with space for two brush heads. AquaSonic can last 4 full weeks (2 min/2x a day) on a full charge so it's perfect for on the go travel with the included travel case
  • Modern Tech for a Healthy Smile - Black Series brings toothbrushes into modern times with its built-in enhanced features. A lithium-ion battery, ultra-fast wireless charging (forget outdated USB charging), 4 distinct brushing modes, and a smart vibrating notification timer are some of the enhanced features built into the sleek and ergonomic waterproof black satin handle
  • What's in the Box - 1 AquaSonic Black Series Smart Toothbrush, 1 wireless charging base, 8 DuPont Brush Heads, 1 Travel Case, Instruction and Support Contact Manuals


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
C. Jack
This Seriously ROCKS! What a GREAT Find...and a Great CLEAN...

I received this today -- it had been delayed, so I RUSHED to try it. I was looking for a brush for the worksite, as I had just received a Binchotan headed Burst electric toothbrush several weeks ago and was going to keep that one at home.Well...not so anymore. This toothbrush blows that Binchotan headed one out of the water.Why?All I had to do was run my tongue over my teeth to notice the slam dunk difference.My teeth were S M O O T H. It reminded me of the Pearl Drops tooth polish commercial from decades ago.Mmmmm...it's a great feeling. Now get this...I've been brushing with that "other" electric toothbrush for the past few weeks and have NEVER felt this smoothness that I need to feel. This happened the FIRST time using this -- as I used it as a DRY toothbrush first.So...You can bet I'm going to put the Binchotan toothbrush DOWN for good and buy another one of these. It is that good. The other thing I loved about it is what others have commented on: 8 brushes come standard in the package. And the BEST thing to wrap it up -- this whole package was easy on the wallet.I am working hard to remineralize one specific tooth (although they all will benefit) and this powerful toothbrush is going to help me with my regimen -- one at home and one at work. Seriously...is this the ONLY toothbrush with 40000 VPM? Mighty powerful.Thank you, , for bringing this to my attention with all the great reviews, and getting it to me so I can turn right around and order another. Can you tell I'm smilin'???:o)

D. Pena
Great value for a sonic toothbrush

The difference between an old standard electric toothbrush and a sonic one is like the difference you felt after switching from a manual brush to electric. I really wanted to order one of the other well-known sonic toothbrushes but couldn't bring myself to spend the over $150 price. I saw this one and it got such great reviews it seemed like it would be a decent alternative. That, plus the fact that it came with 8 heads and a cool black matte finish made it a real bargain.The brush is great. Super powerful with a bunch of differenct settings depending on what you are trying to accomplish, including a whitening setting and massage. With my old electric toothbrush I was used to putting the toothpaste on the brush head and turning it on then putting it in my mouth. This thing is so powerful that if you turn it on outside your mouth it starts to emulsify the paste immediately and shoots it all over the place.It's got a nice timer feature that tells you when to move to the next quadrant of your mouth and turns off after two minutes so you know you've brushed for the right amount of time. The sonic action makes the paste foam in your mouth and that has to be good for getting it between the teeth and under the gums.The added case is a nice feature and with the 4 week charge, I'm looking forward on taking the brush with me on vacation.So far, a great value at a 1/3 of the price of other models.

Mark Monforte
Great brush for the $

This is my first electric toothbrush at age 50!I did quite a bit of research and for the price this one topped a lot of others.Yes there are negative reviews but really reading up on what happens it seems what people are griping about is covered by the manufacturer. The main two are the brush head cracking and the battery life.The only negative thing I can think of about this product is that it€™s pretty loud. I€™m not sure how loud other electric brushes are to compare it.My experience, this was amazing in my mouth. Being my first time, it took me a bit to use it right. The good thing is that it stops if you€™re pushing to hard which I have a habit of doing so I hope this helps me break that habit.I€™m still learning the functions and I€™m feel weird saying I€™m excited to learn how to use the timer in each quadrant of your mouth.The one thing either I couldn€™t find or I keep missing is; the length of time you continue using a brush head. Well apparently it€™s the same as a regular toothbrush- 3 months.I hope this review is helpful for those who never used or just looking for a new one.

Love this product!

This AquaSonic toothbrush is fantastic. I€™m so happy I purchased it and my hygienist is a well. I love the 4 settings you can use to accommodate your liking/preference. I€™ve tried other electric toothbrushes, and never liked any of them. I never felt like my teeth were being brushed and that I needed to press harder to get anything done. So, I went back to a manual brush until I found the AquaSonic. The price was awesome and received in 2 days with Prime.Once I opened the box, it came with directions, the handle, 8 brush heads, a nice case, and the charger. After doing the initial charge for 24 hours, I used it for the first time this morning. I chose the €œclean€ setting and wasn€™t disappointed. First of all, the handle is very lightweight (which I love) and the brush heads have a nice length to them. Once I turned it on, I began to brush and was beyond excited. This system actually felt like it was doing all of the work and has some serious power to it. All I had to do was move my hand to the different quadrants of my mouth. It€™s awesome that this brush vibrates after 30 seconds to let you know it€™s time to move to a different area.I can honestly say that this is the first time my mouth felt extremely clean. I keep running my tongue over my teeth because it feels like I just had a professional cleaning. We are buying a second one, so my husband can have his own. I can honestly recommend this product to anyone and the price is great!

A Great Value

We used Oral-B for years and thought it was the best. It finally died, so I tried this. This is so much better and priced better. I won€™t be going back to the name brands. I read an article reviewing the top electric toothbrushes on the market and this came up number one. After using it for about a month, I totally agree. You won€™t be disappointed.