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Sous Vide Precision Cooker (WiFi)

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  • Perfect results every time: Never over or undercook your food again. The Anova Precision Cooker circulates water at the exact temperature required for perfectly cooked meals, no matter what's on your menu. Use the Anova app to access thousands of free recipes and monitor your cook from anywhere via your smartphone.
  • What to cook: Sous vide cooking offers the perfect level of doneness for nearly any food. Chicken, fish, vegetables, eggs, beef, lamb, pork, and more are all ideal foods for sous vide. The ability to lock in flavor and moisture during the cooking process results in texture and taste that is second to none.
  • Easy to use: Whether cooking a simple meal or an extravagant feast, the Precision Cooker heats water faster and holds temperature precisely so you can get cooking quicker than ever. It easily attaches to any stockpot or container with an adjustable clamp and is water-resistant for when accidents happen in the kitchen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
So easy to use!

So, me, not a cook. With this I don’t need to know how to boil water!I picked up some microwave safe Zip-Lock bags and 2 chicken breasts to try this thing out. Dry seasoned the chicken and added it to the bags. I used the water being heated to press out the excess air in the bag, and sealed. Brought water up to 155 degrees and placed the bagged chicken in the bath. 45 minutes later...done!I wanted a good sear on the chicken so I replaced the hot water in the pot with ice water. I let the bagged chicken sit in the ice water 10 minutes. Removed chicken and dried it with paper towels. Heated olive oil in fry pan and seared chicken 2 minutes a side. Perfect!Handed my wife a glass of wine and presented the chicken. It was a big hit! Can’t wait to try some steak and seafood. No checking temps with thermometer, flipping every x minutes, and still having it over/under done. This is very forgiving. Super easy for a non-cook. You definitely need to give it a try.

Great item

Wife bought this item used it first day she got it. Lamb chops was fantastic melt in your mouth.Last week I decided to test it out cooked pork tenderloin and Wow turned out fantastic

Customer Customer
I Love it, but... Update!

Worked GREAT! Right up until it didn't. The cheap plastic impeller (The part that circulates the water) broke after 5 months of occasional use. Of COURSE it broke AFTER 's return policy period. I have reached out to the Anova for a replacement part, or warranty return, they say it has a two-year warranty. It seems odd when the rest of the unit is more rugged (Mostly Stainless Steel inside) the critical tiny plastic impeller seems so cheaply made.I will update this review when/if I get a response from Anova.... (to be continued)Update: They sent me a new impeller, no questions asked. Prompt and courteous Customer Service! Updated to Five Stars! (I would give it 4.5 stars if I could for the flimsy plastic part, certainly doesn't match the design and engineering that went into the rest of the device)

Great Foodie/Techie Device

I bought this item for my husband as a Christmas present. He absolutely loves it! If you have a techie foodie in your house, this is a perfect gift for them. He loves how the device has an app and he can check it when he’s away. The picture is of the steaks my husband made for Valentine’s Day. He cooked 8 of them in the sous vide and then he grilled them at the end to get a sear on both sides. They were amazing! Some people recommend this method for boiling eggs, but I would not recommend it for that. They didn’t peel as well as my boil method. It is however really great for getting meat to the perfect temperature and doneness.


This was incredibly easy. Chicken was juicy and very flavorful. Unit was super quiet, simple to pair and program.Feels like my new favorite cooking tool!